Top Three Hotels On The Island Of Maui

Maui is a gorgeous island with blue water and golden beaches. There are luxurious places to stay while you are in the area, and you are sure to find the perfect hotel that has all of the amenities that you need while away from home. The Four Seasons Resort is a beautiful hotel with a dazzling outdoor pool and surrounded by palm trees. The rooms have modern furniture that is light in color. Balconies look out toward the Pacific Ocean or emerald green grass with colorful flowers. The Paia Inn Hotel is located right along Read the rest of this entry »

How To Choose The Best Hotels Maui

Hawaiian travelers who are wondering how to choose the best hotels on Maui may want to pick hotels close to the attractions they plan to see during their trip.

Visitors who want to spend a lot of time at the beach might be interested in the Hyatt Regency Maui. This hotel on Ka’anapali Beach near the town of Lahaina has a pool and tennis courts. Rooms have private lanais with mountain or ocean views.

Shoppers may want to stay at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea near the designer boutiques in The Shops Read the rest of this entry »

Planning a Trip to Maui

Planning a trip to a faraway place may seem to be a daunting task, but the key is gradual preparation. You may find information online, from friends and even programs on DIRECT TV. In order to have a seamless vacation to Maui, visitors should have most destination spots booked at least six months in advance.

It is important to determine whether the primary intention of the trip will be to visit more standard tourist destinations or to gain an appreciation for the beauty of island life. There are many popular beach resorts and clubs in Maui, which often provide the most convenient and upscale living. For a quainter experience, there are also cozy beach and mountain cottages available for rent.

Hawaii is one of the most popular family destinations in the world and Maui has no shortage of activities for all ages. Luaus, a staple of Hawaiian tourism, are recommended as an all-day activity. Families may enjoy music, dancing, crafts and traditional Polynesian food. One of the highlights of the evening is always a freshly smoked pig.

One of the biggest draws to the island is the opportunity for fun in the sun. Maui has approximately 120 miles of coastline, with many waterfalls and sporting activities. Famously, Maui is also one of the premiere surf destinations on the planet. Before going to the beach, it is important for visitors to consistently check the weather report to keep track of water safety.

At Haleakala National Park, visitors may hike across contains dormant volcanic landscapes and tropical rainforests. They may even catch a glimpse of some endangered plant and animal species that the park protects.

Ziplining is also a fun way for visitors to witness the tropical forests of the island. It is mainly important to check to ensure that the companies will accommodate every member of the family.

There are countless more recreational activities in Maui, but for a more relaxed experience, Maui has hundreds of spas and wellness centers that often utilize local seawater minerals and other holistic ingredients.

Visitors may take advantage of these opportunities and countless more by consulting with a travel agent or Maui visitors’ guide.

Why Choose To Rent A Condo During A Maui Vacation

Maui is a beautiful place to visit and is located in the Hawaiian Islands. Traveling to Maui gives you the opportunity to explore mountains, beaches and volcanoes. The nightlife in Maui is upbeat and alive with all night music. You will find a variety of nightclubs that offer music from different countries.

Dance the night away in one of the hotel’s nightclubs. Most of the nightclubs are open all night long and attract hundreds of visitors each night. You Read the rest of this entry »

Discover The History Of The Island Of Maui


Maui is the second largest island of Hawaii. It is third in popularity. Maui is also known as the Valley Isle. Maui is called Valley Isle because of the strip of land that connects the two volcanoes that Maui is nestled between. Maui may be a fun-filled destination for your family or for a romantic vacation.

Places to Visit

Maui has a lot of fun places to visit. Whether you are on a family trip or a romantic vacation Maui has something for everyone.I was looking for more Read the rest of this entry »

Five Exiting Adventure Activities In Maui

If you’re planning a vacation in Maui there is so much to see and do in the tropical paradise. Below are five things that will ensure you have an exciting time while you are in Maui.

Taking a helicopter tour of Maui is a must! The helicopter tours give the zealous traveler a chance to see all of Maui that they may not get to see on ground. You can see the Haleakala Crater. Some of the sights in Maui cannot be seen any other way Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoy The Sensational Luaus On Maui

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, it is a necessity that you go to at least one luau when you are in Maui. It does not cost a lot to go to a luau, and you will be a part of a unique cultural experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Whether you are going alone, with a spouse or significant other or with your whole family, everyone will enjoy the luau; it is likely to be a favorite part of your Hawaiian vacation.

A luau is a pleasure to all Read the rest of this entry »

Top Five Reasons To Have Your Wedding In Maui

There are several reasons why Maui is one of the country’s top wedding destinations. If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, consider these top reasons to have a Maui wedding.

Maui is beautiful. You can limit the amount of decorations you need because Maui has the perfect backdrop with views of the ocean, mountains and luscious vegetation.

Maui is affordable. You can get a great deal for your Maui wedding so that you don’t Read the rest of this entry »

Three Excellent Reasons To Vacation In Maui

Vacationers deciding to travel to Maui have multiple reasons to choose this locale as their vacation destination. The following three reasons will help the potential traveler to realize that Maui offers everything in one perfect location.

The weather in Maui is excellent all year long. The average temperatures stay in the 80 degree range with wonderful breezes come off of the ocean at all times.

The beaches of Maui are considered some of the best in the world. Any traveler who enjoys the ocean or water sports will be thrilled with the offerings available in Maui.Additional information can be found at Fishing, About ADT, surfing and scuba diving draw water lovers to the island. Some people prefer to sit on the sand and soak up the sun. The beaches offer activities for everyone to enjoy include regular Luaus.

The scenery in Maui is one that is not duplicated anywhere else on the globe. Water and mountain views offer spectacular sites to everyone. Travelers are unable to not recognize and appreciate the beauty of Maui. A scenic drive through the mountains while overlooking the sea is a trip that will not soon be forgotten. The rain forests and natural wildlife offer a unique view into a paradise atmosphere.